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Wang Dongxing

Educational experience

   2009.01 - 2011.12       Ph.D.     Geotechnical Eng.          Ecole Mines Douai

   2006.01 - 2008.12       M.S.      Geotechnical Eng.          Hohai Univ. China
   2002.09 - 2006.07       B.S.       Civil Eng.                        Univ. South China

Work experience

   2015.09 - now            Asso. Prof.    Geotechnical Eng.     Wuhan Univ. China
   2013.08 - 2015.07      Postdoc       Geotechnical Eng.      Aalto Univ. Finland

   2011.12 - 2013.07       Postdoc        Geotechnical Eng.     Ecole Mines Douai

Research Interests

Environmental Geotechnics

   (1) Novel Technology R & D of Soil Modification and Solidification

   (2Basic Properties of Soft Clay and Ground Improvement

   (3Engineering Properties of Special Soils (Expansive Soils, Marine Soils etc.)

   (4) Solidification/Stabilization of Sediment, Sluge and Contaminated soils

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University
8 South Road of East Lake, Wuchang, 430072, Wuhan, P.R. China.
Tel: +86-27-68772624