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Liu Yin

Dr. Yin Liu received his B.S. from Wuhan University in 2010 and his PhD degree from Dalian University of Technology in China in 2016. He joined Wuhan University as the senior postdoctoral fellow in July 2016.

His concentrations include theoretical modeling and numerical analysis of soft materials, such as rubber, hydrogels, biological tissues, etc. Finite element implementation for new material constitutive models. Multiscale modeling for heterogeneous materials.

Skype: liuyin1987

Websites: Personal Page; Google Scholar

Research Interests

Dec.2012~now           Constitutive modeling and numerical simulation for soft active materials

The research on this topic includes: 

(1) numerical modeling of soft solids with an increasing or decreasing mass. 

(2) theoretical and numerical modeling for the steady and transient mechanical behaviors in polymeric hydrogels.

(3) constitutive modeling for fiber-reinforced hydrogels.

(4) constitutive modeling and FE simulation for the mechanical behaviors of double network hydrogels.

Sep.2011~Dec.2012    Multi-scale analysis for the mechanical behaviors of heterogeneous materials

The research on this topic is focused on:

(1) further developments of the extended multiscale finite element method, such as theoretical investigations on properties of numerical base functions and performance and parallel computing for large-scale heterogeneous structures.

(2) multilevel adaptive algorithm for fast and accurate analysis of heterogeneous structures.

Nov.2009~Dec.2010     Multi-scale analysis of buckling phenomena in sandwich structures

The research on this topic is focused on the development of a robust and fast algorithm for the buckling phenomena in sandwich structures based on the transformation of the fast oscillating fields in buckling problems into the slowly changing amplitude fields using the Fourier expansion.

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University
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