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On the evening of May 24, 2022, Associate Professor Xianbo Zhao from the College of Project Management, Built Environment, Asset & Maintenance Management, Central Queensland University, made an online lecture entitled “Organizational change and relevant theories: historical perspective”. The lecture was organized and hosted by Lin Yang, Associate Professor of Engineering Management Department of our school. Professor Lizi Luo and more than 30 postgraduate students attended the meeting. Professor Zhao’s scientific research achievements have been widely recognized by the professional community. At Central Queensland University, he received Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Researchers in 2021 and Publication Recognition Awards in 2017-2019. He was among the World’s Top 2% Scientists in the field of Building & Construction compiled by Stanford University in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, Professor Zhao was selected as Australia’s Top Researcher in the field of Architecture and one of the Rising Stars of Research in the field of Sustainable Development in The Australian’s Research Magazine.

At the meeting, Professor Zhao introduced the relevant theories in detail around five aspects: organizational change, organizational learning, organizational culture, motivation, and leadership. From the perspective of historical research, he explains the historical research models under each part, the related theories put forward by other researchers, and the main results of the past research. Professor Zhao proposed that organizational learning is the medium of organizational change, some corresponding organizational culture can adapt to organizational change, motivation can affect the causes of organizational change, and leadership plays a guiding role in organizational change. Professor Zhao used a rich and complete content diagram to show the correlation logic between the five contents, so that everyone has a clearer understanding of the relevant theories of organizational change.

In the communication session, Professor Zhao, Yang, and Luo discussed the combination of organizational resilience and organizational change, as well as teaching research methods.

In the student questioning session, the students actively participated. Professor Zhao answered the students’ questions in detail, introduced the process of BIM technology for organizational change in different countries, and answered the difference between “sudden change” and “gradual change” in organizational change. And the steps of setting evaluation indicators of organizational change were expounded by Professor Zhao.

This lecture increased the cognition and confidence of the participating teachers and students in organizational change and relevant theories. Everyone believed they benefited a lot.

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