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Wei Huang, a PhD student of the year 2016 at School of Civil Engineering of Wuhan University, receives Ian Marshall Award for Best Student Paper at the 23rd International Conference on Composite Structures (ICCS23). Huang is the first Chinese student ever to win this award, the two most recent winners before him come from University of Oxford and Polytechnic University of Turin.


Ian Marshall Award is founded in 2009, it is dedicated to the memory of Professor Ian Marshall, the founding editor of Composite Structures, the leading journal in the domain of composite materials and engineering structures. The award is issued by the academic committee of ICCS, in order to encourage young researchers in this field. ICCS is one of the oldest renowned international academic conferences, sponsored by Composite Structures who currently appears in the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranking Q1.


The awarded paper is entitled “Data-driven multiscale simulation of FRP based on material twins”. Coauthors are Professor Heng Hu and his team members, Dr. Rui Xu, Distinguished Associate Research Fellows Jie Yang and Qun Huang. They all come from the Department of Engineering Mechanics. This paper developed a novel framework to integrate Micro-CT, data-driven computing and multilevel computational homogenization method to meet the requirements of significant increase of computation in the field of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites. This framework is expected to build up a novel numerical chain in the data science paradigm for FRP composites starting from database collection to data-driven analysis, which is of great scientific value to realize the integrated material-structure analysis.

Figure 1. Certificate of Ian Marshall Award for Best Student Paper

Figure 2. Multiscale data-driven simulation based on material twins

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