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On December 21, Professor Wu HengAn, the executive dean of the School of Engineering Sciences of the University of Science and Technology of China, the director of the CASKey Laboratory of Mechanical Behavior and Design of Materials, and professor of the Department of Modern Mechanics of the University of Science and Technology of Chinawas invited to deliver a lecture entitled “Mechanical Design of Micro/Nano Structural Materials”.Professor and Dean Liu Quansheng, Professor Sun Qingping, as well as youngfaculties and graduate students from the School of Civil Engineeringof Wuhan University participated in the lecture. The lecture was hosted by Professor Hu Heng, the deputy dean of the School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University.


In the lecture, Professor Wu first introduced hisresearch path through three active topics: mechanical behavior and design of micro/nano structural materials, confined mass transfer and unconventional oil and gas development, and computational mechanics methods and applications. Subsequently, Professor Wu introduced the breakthrough findings made in his research group in the mechanical behaviors and designsof micro/nano structural materials in recent years. Mechanical designs of micro/nano structural materials aim at breaking the bottlenecks in the structural designs and performances of traditional materials and providing opportunities for designing new structural and functional materials and finding irreplaceable applications for special environments, through exploring the microstructure-property relationshipsof materials andexerting the excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the nanoscale units.In addition, Professor Wu instructed the graduate students to pay attention to the simulation and computation of mechanical models. In the processes of simulations and calculations, the essential characteristics of the models should be grasped, and the experiments should be guided by the results of numerical simulations. The consistency between the simulation results and the experimental ones should not necessarily be enforced.Finally, Professor Wu encouraged youngprofessors and graduate students to be more innovative and to strive to improve the level of scientific research.

In the Question/Answersection,Professor Wu patiently answered every question raised up by the faculties and students. Among the questions, the significance of the simulations and computations and the relationships between the models and experiments have aroused great attentions and interests, and a heated discussion was held.The lecture was ended with warm applauses and great appreciations from the audiences.

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