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From November 15th to 18th, the 12th Southern Conference on Computational Mechanics was held in WuhanUniversity. The conference is one of the most important conferences of mechanics in China. It is held every two years and has a history of 34 years. The conference is the largest academic event in history with the largest number of participants.

The conference was hosted by theLiaison Committee of Southern Chinese Computational Mechanics and Jiangsu Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and it was organized by Wuhan University.

Vice President of Wuhan University Li Ziyuan attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Over 270 computational mechanics scholars from more than 70 well-known domestic universities and research institutes in more than 20 provinces and cities attended the conference. The chairman of the conference is co-chaired by the deputy director of the Computational Mechanics Committeeof the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, the director of the Liaison Committee of Southern Chinese Computational Mechanics, professor Zhang Qing fromHohai University, and Liu Quansheng, the dean of School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University.

On the conference, 9 well-known experts made reports including “force method DDA” by professor Zheng Hong of Beijing University of Technology, “Discrete Element Method for Fragmentation of Granular Materials” by professor Ji Shunying of Dalian University of Technology, “Progress in Smooth Particle Dynamics Methods and Applications” by professor Liu Moubin of Peking University. “Model reduction technology and data-driven algorithms for thin-walled composite materials and structures” by professor Hu Heng of Wuhan University, “Mechanical Problems in the Construction of Hypergravity Centrifuges” by professor Ling Daosheng of Zhejiang University, “Application Research of Thermoelectric Materials" by professor ZhaiPengcheng of Wuhan University of Technology, "Direct Parallel Solving of Turbulent Thermal Convection DNS and Its Physical Properties" by professor Bao Yun of Sun Yat-sen University, "Near-field dynamics simulation of stress corrosion” by professor Chen Ziguang of HuazhongUniversity of Science and Technology, "Summarization of the Development of Autonomous Software PANDA for Structural Mechanics" by professor Mo Jun of the Institute of Engineering Physics". The conference report was wonderful, and the participating scholars actively asked questions and were deeply inspired.

In addition, the conference set up "Structure Optimization and Analysis of Structural Behavior", "Application of Computational Mechanics in Engineering", "Coupling of Computational Fluid Mechanics and Multiple Fields", "New Methods and New Theories of Computational Mechanics", 4 special topics, 8 sessions. Nearly 200 scholars in computational mechanics made special reports. The discussions were warm and fruitful.

A number of outstanding papers were selected and commended at the conference, and an electronic version of the abstracts was edited and published. After peer-viewing, a number of outstanding papers were recommended for publications such as Journal of Solid Mechanics (English Edition), Journal of Chongqing University, Composite structures. The conference also organized experts to review the papers of young scholars and students participating in the conference, and a total of 8 papers were rated as excellent papers.


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