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On June 13th, Professor Zhao Libin, deputy director of department of spacecraft technology in school of astronautics at Beihang University, was invited to school of Civil Engineering at Wuhan University and delivered a lecture entitled “the destruction theory and applications of carbon fiber reinforced composite structures”. The lecturewas hosted by Professor Hu Heng, the deputy dean of school of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University.

In her lecture, Prof. Zhao introduced the progressive failure theory of multi-scale/multi-damage mode coupling extension of advanced composite structures, the layered expansion theory of multi-directional laminates, and failure theory of composite laminates with initial delamination imperfections.

    At the end of her lecture, Prof. Zhao patiently answered questions posed by the faculties and students. Among which,questions that concern crack propagation in composite laminates have aroused great attentions and interests, and a heated discussion was held. The lecture was ended with huge applause and great appreciation.
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