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On the morning of May 30th, Professor Niu Kangmin, a national special expert of University of Science and Technology Beijing, was invited by Professor Zhang Zuoqi and lecturer Yuan Yanan of our college to give a research seminar on the subject of “Nano-enhanced composites compression performance and mixing ratio”.

Before the lecture, Professor Zhang Zuoqi introduced Niu Kangmin's academic achievements and expressed warm welcome to his visit. In the lecture, Professor Niu Kangmin introduced the application of traditional composite materials in large aircraft. He pointed out that the compressive strength of high-performance fiber reinforced resin-based composites is much lower than the tensile strength, and the higher the fiber strength, the greater the difference. The main constraint mechanism of the compressive strength of the fiber reinforced resin-based composite is that the resin yields to form a shear band and causes the fiber to be slightly unstable. Finally, Professor Niu Kangmin believes that the emergence of new nano-enhancement technology will lead to a new generation of super fiber reinforced resin-based composite materials. In the questioning session, many teachers in the Department of Mechanics and Professor Niu Kangmin had a heated discussion on the development of multi-scale mechanics of composite materials.

C.V. of Professor Niu Kangmmin

Professor Niu Kangmin, Ph.D., National Specialist, Distinguished Scholar and Director of Composite Structure Engineering Center of Beijing University of Science and Technology. Formerly an academician engineer at Siemens, responsible for the new generation of large gas turbine blade integrity and life methods. He used to be the head of the structural technology of the Boeing Company's body structure laboratory. He obtained the certificate of structural analysis and design of aircraft composite materials and won the Boeing Glory Special Contribution Award. In the United States, Optimal CAE, Midway, and ABAQUS, as heads of CAE, have conducted technical consultations for Chrysler, GM, Ford, and GE Advanced Materials. Formerly working at the Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials as the project leader, responsible for the establishment and implementation of corrosion fatigue and fracture of aircraft structures. Participated in the preparation of the Aviation Department Aircraft Structure Damage Tolerance Design Manual (C Manual). He served as the chairman of the Meihua Aerospace Engineers Association (Northwest); the former vice chairman of the Seattle Branch of the SAMPE (Advanced Materials Technology and Engineering Association); and the Doctor of Aeronautical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1998.

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