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On April 26, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, foreign academician of the Austrian academy of Sciences, Foreign Academician of the European Academy of Sciences, Honorary Dean of the School of Civil Engineering of Chongqing University, professor Yang Yongbin was invited to give a lecture on the 292th Luojia Forum. It was an excellent report named “Half student , half teacher”. Academician Li Jiancheng, Vice President of Wuhan University, attended the forum and presented the commemorative certificate of the lecturer to academician Yang Yongbin. Professor Xu Lihua from the Schoolof Civil and Architectural Engineering of Wuhan University presided over the forum.

Yang Yongbin shared his experiences and insights of learning and guiding students with the teachers and students , which shows his spirit on academic research. Born in Jinmen, Fujian Province, Yang had eight brothers and sisters in his family. Thanks to his brothers and sisters, he was exempted from dropping out of school. This made him especially cherished the learning opportunities and firmly believed that he could only change his future by learning. Mother’s influence on his life shaped his personality and established him a firm belief in “scaling new heights”. During his Ph.D. at Cornell University in the United States, he went into the library to study the subject and read all the relevant papers from 1884 to 1984, which is a period of nearly 100 years. Everything comes to him who waits, the theory and method proposed by Yang in the doctoral thesis was highly appreciated by the PhD. It was this experience that laid the foundation for him to stand on the academic peak of the world of mechanics and structural engineering.

Academician Yang sent a message to us teachers and students: First, be brave on question and create, science is relative, not absolute; second, attach importance to teacher-student relationship, "be grateful, use self-effort, aim on common progress"; third, more reading, more exercise; fourth, solve their own difficulties with creative thinking; fifth, be serious about everything.

Academician Yang Yongbin regards the study of structural engineering problems with mechanics as him main career. The multiple software developed by him, especially for bridge static and high-speed rail vibration analysis, has been widely used. Since 1992, the static and dynamic monitoring of the Yuanshan Bridge and the Tibet Bridge in Taipei City have been carried out by him. His research areas include: bridges, structural nonlinear mechanics, vehicle/bridge mutual braking force theory, structural stability, high-speed railway and train wave propagation analysis. He has published 4 monographs in English, and published more than 230 academic papers and more than 270 papers at home and abroad. In 2015, he was named a 150-year outstanding alumnus of Cornell University School of Civil Engineering. In 2016, he became a highly cited scholar of 150 civil engineering projects worldwide.

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