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On the morning of April 14, Fang Daining, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Beijing University of Technology, gave a lectureon "Advanced Structural Technology" at the 288th Luojia Forum. on the afternoon, he came to the Department of Mechanics of School of Civil Engineering to provide guidance on the development of mechanics, young teacher and the talent training.



Fang Daining's visit was invited by Professor Sun Qingping of our school and Dean Liu Sheng of School of Power and Mechanical Engineering. Before the lecture, Professor Sun Qingping introduced Fang Daining's academic achievements and welcomed his visit. Subsequently, Li jiancheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice president of Wuhan University, awarded him a commemorative certificate of the Luojia Forum. In the lecture, Fang Daining introduced how to achieve the performance and function that materials do not possess through the design of new structures, thus realizing "advanced structural technology". He pointed out that by exploring the correlation between the comprehensive performance of advanced structures and the factors such as structural material, component configuration and manufacturing process, multi-scale component structures can be used to achieve precise customization of performance, function, intelligence and bionics, and to achieve the integration innovation and subversive breakthrough of structural design principles, manufacturing technology and evaluation technology. At the end of the lecture, Fang Daining also gave some suggestions to young researchers and graduate students. He encouraged them to work bravelyon scientific innovation instead of pursuing "short and fast outcomes",to pay attention to scientific experiments and scientific practice, to establish theoretical methods and design methods, to be proud to be a Chinese engineering scientist and technologist! Fang Daining's lecture won warm applause from the present young teachers and students.


On the afternoon, Fang Daining came to our school and visited the "Center of Complex Medium Multiscale Mechanics" under the guidance of Professor Sun Qingping. After that, Professor Zhang Zuoqi, head of the Department of Mechanics, chaired a guidance meeting for the development of mechanics, young teachers and thetalent training. Professor Sun Qingping, Professor Chen Mingxiang, Professor Hu Heng, Professor Chu Xihua, as well as young teachers and postgraduates from the Department of Mechanics participated in the guidance meeting. The young teachers at the meeting made a brief introduction to their scientific research. Fang Daining commented on it one by one, answered everyone's doubts and guided the direction of scientific research. Fang Daining encouraged them to step out of the guide of articles and hotspots, and conduct scientific research closely around the national social and economic development.

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