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The afternoon of March 22, 2019,Professor Lin-hai Han, Vice Dean of Civil and Water Conservancy College of Tsinghua University, was invited to give an academic report entitled "Principles and Engineering Application Research of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Mixed Structures".The report was chaired by Professor Hu Heng, Vice Dean of ourcollege.

Professor Han Lin-hai expounded the research process and achievements of the design principle of concrete filled steel tube (CFST) mixing structure from the aspects of research background, experimental design, numerical model, mechanism analysis, calculation method and engineering application.The report was full of pictures and texts, and covered all levels of materials, components and structural systems involved in the research and application of CFST hybrid structures.Contents of the report includednot only short-term impact problems but also long-term durability problems, and put forward the process control concept of "trinity" of concrete quality in CFST structure.The research results have provided scientific suggestions and theoretical guidance for practical projects of Labajin Bridge (the world's longest CFST stiffened composite structure pier), Heishigou Bridge, Sliding Cable Bridge of Jinsha River in Butuo County and Ganmeizi Bridge (the world's longest CFST truss bridge).

During the discussion session, teachers and students had in-depth exchanges and consults with Professor Han.The atmosphere at the scene reached its climax.

This academic report gives students a comprehensive understanding of the latest achievements in the research and application of CFST hybrid structures and the scientific frontiers in this field. It broadens the academic horizon and plays an important role in promoting students' academic thinking, innovation awareness and research capabilities.

Speaker profile:

Professor Lin-hai Han, associate Dean of Civil and Water Conservancy College of Tsinghua University, engaged in teaching and innovative research in the field of civil engineering.Prof. Han is the expert on special allowances of the State Council,thenational chief expert on science communication, the national chief science communication expert. He was awarded Distinguished Visiting Fellowship by Royal Academy of Engineering.

Prof. Han is member of the editorial boards of several leading journals in his field, including International Journal of High-Rise Buildings, Advances in Structural Engineering, Steel & Composite Structures, Journal of Structural Fire Engineering, Journal of Constructional Steel Research and Engineering Structures.He was invited to He was invited to serve as the editor of the international authoritative journals in eight fields, such asthe editor of the Journal of Structural Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the "Structures" of the British Society of Structural Engineers, the Associate Editor of the Chinese Journal of Civil Engineering, and Engineering Structures, etc.Prof. Han was elected Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) and entitled to use the title "Chartered Structural Engineer" in 2014. He is also Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). His research results have been substantially cited by domestic and foreign counterparts, and many famous scholars have highly evaluated the innovation, leadership and universality of the results. From 2014 to 2018, Elsevier has been selected for five consecutive times in China's list of highly cited scholars, and Shanghai Software and Elsevier's list of "Global Civil Engineering Highly cited Scholars" in 2016. He has been invited to give 12 Keynote reports at major international conferences in the field. The research results have been applied to the fine design of many large and complex concrete filled steel tubular structures, such as China Zun (528m high, the world's tallest building in 8 degree seismic fortification area), Guangzhou New TV Tower (610m high, the world's tallest concrete filled steel tubular TV tower) and so on. The research results were adopted by 10 national norms/industry regulation and 23 textbooks/monographs. He was awarded the first prize for scientific and technological progress by the Ministry of Education for 6 times.

Writing: Cong-cong Xue

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