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At 9:00 am on March16, 2019, the deputy director of Wuhan Municipal Engineering Quality Supervision Station, Chuanzhen Tang, was invited to give a lecture on "Groundwater Control and Case Analysis of Wuhan Rail Transit Projects" in our school. Tang is the Distinguished Professor of School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University and a Registered Geotechnical Engineer.The lecture was chaired by Prof. Rui Gao, and over 100 teachers and students have participated in this lecture.


Professor Tang first introduced the unique topography of Wuhan and summarized the main types of groundwater. Then he analyzed the adverse effects of groundwater on the foundation pit and state the necessity of groundwater control. Several methods were introduced to control the groundwater by analyzing the foundation pit diseases of some subway stations in Wuhan, such as the uprush of foundation pit, the seepage between supporting piles, water burst at the diaphragm wall joint, the leakage of head well and the collapse of pits. The using scope and effects were compared between different controlling methods and finally concluded the four-word criterion for foundation pit construction which are ‚Äúcomprehending, strictness, accuracy and carefulness‚ÄĚ

In the interactive part, teachers and students enthusiastically asked questions and discussed the combination of different methods of groundwater control.

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