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On January 3, 2019, at 16: 00 p.m., Wang GuoFa, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to give an academic seminar, entitled as "the development direction of intelligent coal mine and intelligent mining technology", for the teachers and students in our school. Wang GuoFa is an expert in coal mining technology and equipment, and is currently the chief scientist of China Coal Science and Technology Group. The lecture was hosted by Professor Liu Quansheng, and more than 100 teachers and students participated in the seminar.

Wang Guofa introduces the cutting-edge research achievements from three aspects: first, the application background of intelligent coal mining; second, the intelligent technology of coal mining and related equipments; third, the key research directions of intelligent coal mining. In the interactive part, the teachers and students provided a set of interesting questions enthusiastically. Academician Wang Guofa provided answers patiently.

This academic report has expand the horizons of teachers and students in our college, to understand the cutting-edge technology and equipment of coal mining. This is helpful to improve the study and research of our graduate students.

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