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Luojia ForumBritish academician Haisui Yu talking about scientific research innovation

 (Reporter Biao Li) On October 24th, Haisui Yu, academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering and executive vice president of the University of Leeds, UK, delivered a lecture entitled "Talking about the way of scientific research innovation" at the Luojia Forum. After that he was granted the Luojia Forum certificate by Vice president Fei Li.

In the lecture, Haisui Yu believes that scientific research innovation is an important way to understand nature, change the world and life. He expounded the ways of scientific research innovation from following six aspects: the importance of scientific research innovation, the origin of European civilization and the scientific spirit of ancient Greece which follow inspiration, the motive power for success, Tsien Hsueshen's question, the characteristics of excellent scientific research innovation teams, his own scientific research experience and realization. In his perspective, an excellent scientific research innovation team should be able to attract outstanding talents, cultivate strong academic leaders, encourage teamwork, grasp the correct direction and strategy, and actively expand external cooperations. Last but not the least, Haisui Yu indicated that one who pursue scientific research innovation should be qualified with "breadth" and "elegance". Breadth is the integration of science, literature and history. Elegance is firstly to be a man and secondly to study.

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