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On September 27th, Dr Yonggang Huang, an academician of the American Academy of Engineering and Walter P. Murphy Professor of Northwestern University, the United States of America, delivered a talk at the Luojia Forum, entitled "Mechanics of extensible and flexible electronics and its medical applications". Vice-president of Wuhan University, Prof. Guangming Tan attended the lecture and presented Prof. Huang with a Memorial Certificate for Luojia Lecturer. In the lecture, Prof. Huang introduced the development of three generations of extensible and flexible electronic devices and the latest progress of their applications in medical fields. Extensible and flexible electronic devices integrate the non-extensible silicon electronic elements together with the extensible flexible substrates through sophisticated mechanical design, and in turn provide many outstanding functionalities such as capability of sustaining large stretching and bending, and perfect fitting to complex surfaces. Thus, they are highly desirable in the biomedical fields such as some disease diagnosis, treatment and monitoring medical devices which need to closely contact and interact with the complex surfaces of various organs. Extensible and flexible electronics is an interdisciplinary field and driven by industrial demands. Prof. Huang shared some of his valuable experience in the course of his research: mechanics should and can provide reliable guidance for advanced industrial design, the key in interdisciplinary collaborations is to know well your partners’ concerns; to move your technologies from laboratory to factory, you must know the inertia and limitation of technology applications in industry.

      Prof. Huang is an academician of the American Academy of Engineering, an academician of the European Academy of Science and Art, a foreign academician of the European Academy of Sciences, a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the chief editor of Journal of Applied Mechanics. He graduated from the Department of Mechanics at Peking University in 1984. He went to Harvard University in 1986 and received his PhD in 1990. The main research foci of Huang's group are the mechanical behaviors of extensible and flexible electronic devices and the mechanical controlled 3D assembly of complex structures. In the past decade, his group have developed three generations of extensible and flexible electronic devices, published dozens of research papers in top journals including Nature and Science, 2 monographs, more than 500 papers, and commercialized a number of products.
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