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----Department of Engineering achieved zero breakthrough

2017 “Wuhan University Graduates Academic Innovation Award” announced recently, He Qiulai, PhD candidate from School of Civil Engineering won the grand prize for his outstanding achievements in scientific research and practical innovation. This was the first time for Department of Engineering to achieve grand prize, which marked our breakthrough in academic innovation. The PhD student Chen Dan had won the second prize and the first prize in 2015 and 2016, respectively.


He Qiulai is the PhD candidate in Municipal Engineering at School of Civil Engineering enrolled in 2016, whose supervisor is Wang Hongyu. He’s research interests include wastewater recycling and water environment restoration. The main research contents are novel wastewater treatment technology----aerobic granular sludge, preliminary study on aerobic granular sludge and its application in the later period. At present, He Qiulai has published 14 SCI articles as the first author. He won the grand prize with 3 papers in the 1st area, 1 paper in 2nd area, and 3 papers in 4th area.


He Qiulai gave a few suggestions according to his own experience to everyone. He suggested reading broadly and depicted the phenomenon in the process of experiments in scientific papers. The more we know about the professional research contents, the faster speed we achieve in writing. So it was very important to read the literature, accumulate more specialized vocabulary and the expressions. What’s more, he encouraged to conduct scientific research and experiment as soon as possible, exchange often and participate in academic conferences, which contribute to enhance our own ability, broaden horizons and foster interest in scientific research. In the great seven years, he also experienced many failures, however, he believed that the failure of experiments was able to inspire his independent thinking and innovative ability.


He Qiulai could balance well between the heavy academic work and the entertainment relax in his daily life. He was keen on playing chess and badminton to relax himself and build body fit. The positive attitude and strong health are necessary for scientific research. He hoped students could apply for the postgraduate admission of Department of Municipal Engineering actively and devoted themselves to academic research and made contributions to the national ecological civilization construction.


Students who achieve great excellence live without the careful cultivation of mentors. He Qiulai’s supervisor Wang Hongyu requires students to establish ambitious aspirations and goals, with both morality and capability, and also to expand the divergent thinking. Wang often stress that a good idea can be a high-level paper, high-level results contain interest, hard work and innovation. Wang encouraged students to climb the higher level, let more and more names of Wuhan University be seen in various top journals in our industry, and serve the society better.


Wuhan University Graduate Academic Innovation Award was first established from 2012 annually, determining to encourage graduate students to actively participate in scientific research and innovation practice. The winning standards include many indicators system including research papers, invention patents, major research awards, consulting reports and so on. The first grand prize will further inspire our students to think hard and persevere in scientific research in the future. They will climb the peak and contribute their wisdom and talents to the socialist modernization.

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