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----Inherited the soul of design, created a new chapter of structure design

The 11th National College Students Structure Design Contest successfully came to an end at Engineering Campus Stadium of Wuhan University in Oct.22, 2017. The contest was organized by China Institute of Higher Education Engineering Education Committee, Colleges and Universities of Civil Engineering Discipline Professional Guide Committee, China Civil Engineering Society Education Committee, Science and Technology Commission of Environment and Civil Engineering of Ministry of Education. There were 108 teams from 107 colleges and universities including Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University participated in this competition with nearly 700 teachers and students. After fierce competitions, 11 teams including Changsha University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University won the first prize; 22 teams including Henan Urban Construction Institute, Chongqing University won the second prize; and 32 teams including Dalian University of Technology, Wuhan University the second team won the third prize; Wuhan University the first team won the best creative award, Zhejiang University team won the best production award, and 23 colleges and universities won the Outstanding Organization Award including Wuhan University.


Accompanied by the solemn national anthem, the closing ceremony officially began at Engineering Campus Stadium at 5:00 pm. The ceremony was hosted by professor Liu Quansheng, dean of School of Civil Engineering at Wuhan University. Many representatives attended this ceremony, including Prof. Zhao Xuemei, deputy secretary of Party Committee of Wuhan University; Prof. Lu Guodong, secretary of National College Students Structure Design Contest Committee; Prof. Jin Weiliang, director of National College Students Structure Design Contest Expert Committee; Prof. Wu Bo, representative of South China University of Technology; Central China Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.

Professor Zhao Xuemei, on behalf of Wuhan University, expressed heart-felt thanks to the wonderful performance of the participating students, the impartial referees and careful guidance of experts, and all the staff, journalists and volunteers for their hard work. Zhao said that Wuhan University, surrounded by East Lake water, sitting at the foot of Luojia Mountain, enjoys beautiful campus and picturesque. For more than one hundred years, Wuhan University had brought together many wonderful Chinese histories in modern times, formed the fine revolutionary tradition, accumulated profound humanistic details, and cultivated the university spirit of "self-reliance, resolute, seeking truth, expanding new". In the past four days, the students promoted skills, made friends, gained the expertise of professors in one of the most beautiful universities. They enjoyed the happiness of growth and the beautiful Luojia scenery. Zhao pointed out that the charm of structural design competition lies in the perfect model design and the sense of accomplishment brought to the students; in the team awareness trained from "three people a group" mode; in the happiness during the contest. The vitality of the structural design competition lies in the inheritance and the innovation. Prof. Zhao expected everyone to take this competition as an opportunity to learn solid professional knowledge, improve practical ability, cultivate scientific research and innovation awareness, and strive to achieve the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation!


Professor Ding Yang, an expert of the contest committee, vice dean of School of Architecture and Engineering at Tianjin University, commented on the contest. She fully affirmed the teams’ hard work and perseverance, and gave professional analysis comments from structural design, research methods, production spirit and other aspects. She also hoped students could make persistent efforts to continue to explore new ideas for innovation. Prof. Lu Guodong, secretary of the contest committee, looking forward to the trend of the next ten contests, emphasized the innovative design of the structure and the new concept of green environmental protection, and pointed out the importance of disciplinary competition in promoting the reform of higher education. Professor Jin Weiliang expressed his appreciation for the organizational structure and the design idea of the contest. He thanked the experts for their hard work and impartial judgment and the excellent performance of the participating teams.


After the exciting awarding ceremony, Prof. Zhao Xuemei, Prof. Lu Guodong, and Professor Wu Bo, the delegate of South China University of Technology, the 12th contest organizer, handover the ceremony. Professor Wu Bo sent a warm invitation to colleges and universities on behalf of South China University of Technology.

Teachers and students said that this contest was fruitful. As the organizer, Wuhan University made full efforts to make new breakthroughs in various fields. First, the concept of innovation, throughout the live broadcast of opening ceremony to the onsite results announcement in the closing ceremony; Second, the concept of green competition, saving material costs to do major events; Third, the coordination of competition organization in every place with order; Fourth, the concept of "sharing", so that more colleges and universities could share the platform and the results of the competition; Fifth, the highlight of the service, the participating colleges and universities could feel at home. So far, the 11th National College Students Structure Design Contest ended successfully, we all look forward to see each other in Guangzhou city in 2018! 

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