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----A manager of a very large enterprise to share the experience of growth

On October 20, 2017, at 7 p.m., Mr. Wu Youfu was invited to give lectures “The Growth Road of a Very Large Enterprise Manager” at Rm 403 No.10 teaching building of engineering campus. Wu is the president and GM of Shenzhen Qianhai Hanhua Investment Management Co., Ltd., also the alumnus of Wuhan University enrolled in 1983. There were a lot of students in the lecture, which was presided over by Xie Xianmou, the Deputy Party secretary of the School.


Before the lecture, Wu asked students a question. “If your families are ill, you have two doctors to choose from. One is super skillful but charges a lot; the other is mediocre but charges much less. Who will you choose for the surgery”. The students unanimously said that they would choose the former. Wu smiled and said that both were not desirable. “I want to tell that we must be a technologically and ethically benevolent person. This is the principle that I have always followed.”

Wu first used this hypothesis to arouse students' thinking, and used four sets of cases to guide students in the process of career development to follow the eight keywords "self-discipline, discipline others, research, responsibility." Taking the two projects of Zhonghai Garden and Zhonghai Huating as examples, he warned students to be strict with laws and resist bad temptations. Taking the concrete projects in the Coastal Green Homes and Jingdezhen as examples, he taught students how to be a successful organizer to lead and manage teams; Wu introduced a project in Changhong Group, demonstrated how to finally choose cleverer way to deal with unexpected problems through active exploration and diligent study. In the end, Wu encouraged students to avoid things that are harmful to our country and group, to become persons of great responsibilities.


In the Q&A session, students spoke enthusiastically, the career planning education reached a climax. Wu made a brilliant reply on such topics as “China's real estate business in the future”, "how to choose a suitable enterprise", "criteria for recruiting employee", and won warm applause from teachers and students.

Wu's speech was fantastic and humorous, had both high-rise theoretical building and practical experience. His personal charm left a deep impression on all the audiences. Students said that this was a heartfelt cultural feast, they would take Wu as an example, learn professional basic knowledge, and be persons with "self-discipline, discipline others, research, responsibility".


Alumni Profile: Wu Youfu, male, born in Changfeng Anhui, got his B.S. and M.S. from School of Civil Engineering at Wuhan University (formerly Wuhan Institute of Water Conservancy and Electric Power Engineering). He got Ph.D. from School of Civil Engineering at Southeast University. Since graduation in 1993, he has been engaged in real estate development management and related work for a long time. He was the director and deputy general manager of China Overseas Building (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. (now Zhonghai Real Estate), the president and general manager of Shenzhen Haifu Construction Supervision Co.,Ltd., the deputy general manager of Quality and Safety Department of China Overseas Group Co.,Ltd. (China Overseas Property Parent Company), the general manager of Engineering Department of Vanke Group, the general manager of Vanke Group Beijing Company, and the CEO of Coastal Green Homes. In August 2007, Wu Youfu was invited to set up Sichuan Changhong Properties Limited and served as president and CEO. In September 2013, he took the lead in working with industry elites to form Shenzhen Qianhai Hanghua Investment Management Co., Ltd., as the president and general manager.

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