The Laboratory of Hydraulic Rock Mechanics was approved to be built in December 2009 and was accepted by the Construction Plan of the Ministry of Education. The laboratory locates itself in five research directions, i.e., Multi-Field Multi-Phase Coupling Mechanism and Analysis of Rock Mass, Engineering Characteristics of High Rock Mass and Rock Fill Dam, Stability Analysis and Deformation Control of High Steep Slope, Surrounding Rock Stability and Support in Large Underground Cavern, and Rock Excavation Blasting Effect and Safety Control.

The Key Laboratory consists of many labs and research institutes currently, such as Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory, Soil Mechanics Laboratory, Rock Mechanics Laboratory, Structural Laboratory, Mechanics Experimental Teaching Center of Hubei Province, Geotechnical Engineering Institute, Rock Mechanics and Engineering Research Institute. What’s more, it is equipped with a lot of advanced facilities and instruments, including Triaxial Cell three-axis THM coupling test device, dam progressive damage test system, geotechnical true triaxial instrument, automatic dynamic three-axis tester manufactured by GCTS company in the United States, the large plane strain gauge and rock three-axis Rheometer in Rock Mechanics Laboratory, the vibration test bench that is the earliest purchase machine in southern China in Structural Laboratory, and so on. With the total area of about 2,100m2, the Laboratory is definitely able to conduct the theoretical research in geotechnical and structural engineering, and also deal with the relevant scientific and technological development.

There are a lot of distinguished scholars serving at the Laboratory, including 1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education, 1 university innovation Base ("111" program), 2 chief scientists holding national "973 Program", 2 scholars of Hubei High-end Cultivation Program, 3 scholars funded by National Outstanding Foundation for Young Scholars, etc.

The Laboratory of Hydraulic Rock Mechanics has produced numbers of research results step by step. We preside over national “973 Programs”, undertake many national natural science foundation programs, lead one national key R&D program and participate in a lot of correlated topics. Besides, we assume a variety of scientific research projects at provincial and ministerial level, and many key social service projects also. The annual average research funding could be over 11 million Chinese Yuan. There are more than 200 SCI journal papers published one after another, and over 70 patens and software copyrights. In addition, we have achieved 6 National Science and Technology Progress Awards, and 11 Science and Technology Progress Awards at provincial and ministerial level.

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