Job Position:

One lab staff, with four years’ contract.



1. Devoting to the higher education, law-abiding, with good overall quality and professional expertise. A high sense of responsibility and dedication is also needed.

2.  The person should in the areas of Civil Engineering, Mechanics, Mechanical Engineering, and Instrument, with the capacity of operating the experimental equipment and the lab management.

3.   Under the age of 28 (born after Jan.1, 1989)

4.   Good communication; familiar with CNC computer operation.


Applicants are required to submit the CV, education certificates, and other materials in both original and hard copies to the Human Resource Office of School of Civil Engineering.



Ms. Wang Heng

Tel: 0086 27-68772624

Add: Room 4409, Min-zhu-yuan Building, Engineering Campus.

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University
8 South Road of East Lake, Wuchang, 430072, Wuhan, P.R. China.
Tel: +86-27-68772624