A post-doctoral associate position is available at School of Civil Engineering, we welcome applicants in all areas of Solid and Engineering Mechanics, Geotechnical and Rock Engineering, Water Resources and Drainage Science, Mathematical and Computational Science, Bio-medical Materials and Simulation, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering. We are particularly interested in candidates with sufficient breadth to be able to work closely with us.


The Ideal Candidate

1. Has obtained the PhD degree from a key university or research institute domestic or overseas, and has made high-level academic achievements;

2. Is under the age of 35 and able to work full time at Wuhan University.

The Selected Candidate Will Be Offered

1. A scientific research start-up funding;

2. An annual salary of 100,000 CNY or above and the candidate's supervisor will arrange the living allowance.

Application Procedure

1. Send resume/CV containing basic personal information, education, work experience and academic achievements and a letter of intention at whurcb@whu.edu.cn naming the desired School of Civil Engineering, or to contact the relevant advisors to enquire about positions through their personal pages.

Please attach information regarding any research projects, a directory of published articles, patents and awards, where possible and any other relevant data.

2. Annex material contains academic degrees and a copy of proof of identity card or passport, work contracts overseas copies, copies of patent certificates or product certifications, proof of project leadership (participation). For articles please include where and when they were published and quotation.

Contact the Talents Office for help in completing the declaration regarding the attached materials.

3. Once these materials have been received, we shall evaluate your submission and may request additional information. Once approved, your application moves to the next step.

4. We will submit the materials to the Ministerial Authorities.

5. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, and organizations such as the Central Organization Department, will evaluate your application and issue a selection notification.

6. Selected experts sign the employment agreement and you are welcomed to come and work at WHU in the School of Civil Engineering.

7. Prepare the relevant Visa to China if your are foreigners.

For more details please visit the Post-doctor of Wuhan University!

Contact Information

Atten: Ms.Yu Juan

Tel:00 86-27-68772624

Add: School of Civil Engineering

Room 4409, Minzhuyuan Building, Engineering Campus, Wuhan University.

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University
8 South Road of East Lake, Wuchang, 430072, Wuhan, P.R. China.
Tel: +86-27-68772624