Social Service

Relying on high-tech enterprises, School of Civil Engineering (SCE for short) established the engineering research center, directly serving for the discipline construction. The cycle chain of technology industry development has been formed gradually, i.e., "Project of School and Department - Incubation - High-tech Enterprises - Engineering Center (industrial base) - Discipline Construction - Talents Cultivation - Project of School and Department".

SCE has edited and published more than 20 works and textbooks, including "Technical Specifications for Reinforcement of Masonry Structures", "Technical Specifications for Reinforcement of Concrete Structures", "Design Specifications for Steel Structures", "Technical Specifications for Cold-formed Thin-Wall Steel Structures", " Technical Specifications of Reclaimed Foundation", "Design Specifications of Hydraulic Concrete Structural", "Quality Acceptance Norms of Building Structure Reinforcement and Strengthening", "Technical Standards for Detection and Identification of High-rise and Complex Steel Structure", "Technical Specifications for Road Geo-synthetics Application".


SCE has built production and research platforms with China Construction Group Co., Ltd., the 3rd Bureau, China Railway Bridge Bureau, China Railway Group 11thBureau, CITIC Architectural Design Institute, WuDa JuCheng Structure Co., Ltd., and other large enterprises. We have developed the structure strengthening technology and the green construction integration technology, produced over 30 kinds of materials products which are applied to the Three Gorges, South-North Water Diversion, Wuhan Center and other large projects.

SCE built exploits and contributed a lot to the anti-floods of Yangtze River. The “Ground Stress Relief Method” correction technology, first created by us, is widely used in the country and has successfully corrected the tilt of 169 dangerous buildings; our “Static and Dynamic Drainage Consolidation Method” is successfully applied to the expansion of Xiamen Airport and other major projects. The fire technology used in subway and tunnels of Wuhan and Xiamen, has resulted in plenty of huge social benefits.

SCE has successfully organized a number of academic and technical conferences, including "2013 International Fire Science and Fire Technology Seminar", "2015 International Conference of Complex TBM Tunneling ", "The Fourth National Geo-Synthetics Reinforced Soil Symposium", "The Fourth National Soil Mechanics Teaching Seminar", "2015 Basic Theory and Engineering Application Conference of Masonry Structures", "The Seventeenth National Structural Wind Engineering Conference" and so on.

There are selected cases of our social service:

1. The New Technology of Soft Soil Foundation Treatment in Civil Engineering Construction

2. The Stability Control Technology of High-Steep Slope in Large Hydropower Station Construction

3. The Design Theory of High-Rise Building Combination Structure and Green Construction Technology  in Major Civil Engineering Projects

4. The New Technology of Water supply and Drainage in Urban and Rural Municipal Construction

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