Social Service

Relying on the advantages of disciplines, School of Civil Engineering has been developing the new industrial system in a large stride, and has founded WUDA JUCHENG STRUCTURE CO., LTD and other high-tech enterprises, which formed a group of high-tech enterprises with the core competitiveness.

WUDA JUCHENG STRUCTURE CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as JUCHENG) is a High-tech company initiated and established by Wuhan University, which comprises two wholly-owned subsidiaries, namely, Hubei Wuda Luojia Inspection and Consultation of Engineering Structure Co., Ltd and Wuhan Wuda Tianye Structural Design Office Co., Ltd. JUCHENG possesses a business network consisting of representative offices in 24 provincial capitals and municipalities. JUCHENG has established an industry chain of comprehensive rehabilitation of existing buildings, including inspection, design, construction and materials.


Over a decade, JUCHENG has obtained nearly 100 patents, including international patents and domestic invention patents. JUCHENG edited and co-edited over 20 national and local specifications and regulations and has completed nearly 6,000 projects in the fields of industrial and civil buildings, water conservancy and hydropower, communications, municipal service and harbor.


JUCHENG strives to be Artist of Architectural Rehabilitation and is dedicated to provide comprehensive service to make existing buildings with safe structure, modern function, beautiful outlook, eco-friendly material and durable service.

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