Solid and Engineering Mechanics


The Mechanics at Wuhan University is the key discipline of Hubei Province, and it possesses two doctoral-accredited fields, including Solid Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics.

In keeping with our emphasis on advanced and professional learning, we have designed various courses that cater to PhD candidates at multiple levels and dedicated to enhancing their abilities in basic theories, profound and systematic specialized knowledge, international vision, innovative spirit, scientific research, problem solving in engineering fields and other areas. All of the programs and experiments prepare them for either a professional or academic position.

You’ll find below the basic research interests and information on some supervisors, for detailed information, please browse the page of RESEARCH.

Mingxiang CHEN: Multi-scale mechanical behavior, strain-gradient theory and application of granular material.

Heng HU: Computational solid mechanics, mechanics of composite materials

Qingping SUN: Fatigue, fracture and reliability of body-implanted biomaterial, Anti-seismic and damping capacity of smart material

Xihua CHU: Computational solid mechanics, Mechanics of granular materials

Doctoral supervisor of Engineering Mechanics and their research interests:

Hua PENG: Damage mechanics and its application, Rock-Soil mechanics and its application

Heng HU: Buckling of film structure

Wenzhong QU: Vibration engineering, Structural health monitoring

Qingping SUN: Nonlocal theory of phase transition, Multi-scale and multi-field coupling problem of phase transition.

Xihua CHU: Mechanical behaviors of materials and structures, Numerical simulation of geological hazards

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