Structure Engineering


Discipline Introduction

Discipline of Structure Engineering at Wuhan University was established in 2003. With the tireless efforts of several generations, it has been obtaining a large number of achievements in this field and achieved a high reputation both at home and abroad. It has a postdoctoral research station and is the subordinate Discipline of Civil Engineering. It is also the key construction disciplines of the national "211 Project" and "985 Project".

Training Target

1. The students must grasp the basic principles of Marxism, foster the correct views on life, abide by the school discipline and law, be honest and faithful, have a good spirit of professionalism, and take initiative to adapt to national economic construction and social development.

2. The basic theories and profound specialized knowledge in the field must be mastered. The students must have international academic views and keep pace with the dynamics of the discipline concerned, have spirits of innovation and ability to solve the complex engineering and technical problems.

3. At least one foreign language must be grasped. The students must have strong ability of writing and extending academic exchanges.

Research direction

  1. Wind resistance of engineering structure

  2. Earthquake resistance of engineering structure

  3. Building fire prevention theory and technology

  4. Engineering structure vibration control

  5. Engineering disaster monitoring and prevention

Period of schooling

The period of schooling is usually 3 years and no longer than 6 years. It is not allowed to graduate ahead of schedule in principle.

Comprehensive examination and Courses

Comprehensive examination should be finished at the end of the third system, the group of which is usually comprised of 3-5 specialists of the discipline concerned. The results of the examination are divided into three grades: Honors, Pass, or Pass postponement.

Academic dissertation

  1. Research proposal

  2. Academic dissertation

  3. Pre-thesis defense

  4. Thesis defense

Training Methods

As a candidate for the doctoral program, the student, in close consultation with the faculty adviser, develops an integrated program of study in preparation for the dissertation showing technical mastery of the field and the contributions to the advancement of knowledge.

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