Solid and Engineering Mechanics


Mechanics at Wuhan University is a key discipline of Hubei Province, including Solid Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics. The M.S. candidates of this program are cultivated and trained comprehensively, including not only the curriculum studies, but also the scientific practice, so that the candidates could have the overall development in the morality, professional knowledge, physical and artistic sense, etc.

We view courses as a way to enhance students' research ability, to learn broadly about a field or related fields, and as a part of the process of becoming a well-rounded member of one's society.

Research field of Engineering Mechanics:

  1. Computer simulation of engineering structure

  2. Anti-seismic and wind-resistance of large-scale structure

  3. Theory and application of optimum structural design

  4. Material damage theory and its application

  5. Evaluation of structural reliability and reinforcement technology

  6. Fluid-structure coupling

Research field of Solid Mechanics:

  1. Computational solid mechanics

  2. Multi-scale theory of deformation and failure

  3. Granular material mechanics

  4. Thin film instability

  5. Phase transition of solid materials

  6. Damage and fracture mechanics

The program aims at training the high-level and inter-disciplinary talents. Most of the graduates will pursue doctoral studies. Most of the graduates will work in universities, colleges and institutes as professors, teachers, researchers and engineers.

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