Water Supply and Drainage Science & Engineering

Water Supply and Drainage Science & Engineering was founded in 1989 and recruited its first group of students in the same year. It was named as Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering during 1989-2002 and Water Engineering during 2003-2006.

Water Supply and Drainage Science & Engineering is a subject that widely used in many fields, which is dedicated to urban water supply and sewage, sustainable management and protection of water resource, building water & wastewater engineering, flood control, pollution control engineering etc. With the long-term education, the department devotes itself to educating high-level intellectuals for environmental protection, and water supply and sewage. Graduates may engage in the areas of planning, designing, construction, management, education, research and work at government departments, design institutions and research institutes etc.

Until now, the department has established broad technical cooperation and academic exchange with the University of Birmingham, the University of Manchester, Nanyang Technological University, City University of Hong Kong etc. As well, the department has signed cooperation agreement with the University of Birmingham and City University of Hong Kong.

Request of talent training:

Students should learn the foundational theory and knowledge of water supply and drainage science and engineering, and master the engineering design skills. Equipped with steady theoretical basis and strong practical ability, graduates shall solve the practical engineering problems and scientific research by use of theoretical knowledge.

Core curriculum: analytical chemistry, engineering mechanics, biology for water and wastewater treatment, surveying, engineering drawing, hydrology and hydrogeology, hydraulics, water and wastewater pipe network system, building water supply and drainage etc.

Practical teaching:

  • Practice: engineering surveying practice, production practice, cognition practice, graduation practice.

  • Design: curriculum design (water supply engineering, drainage engineering, building water supply and drainage engineering)

  • Specialty experiment: analytical chemistry experiment, Water Quality Engineering experiment, Water microbiology experiment.

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