Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the national specialty and brand major of Hubei Province. It is also the pilot for national comprehensive reform on education and is listed as “National Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program”. It has passed the national undergraduate education assessment among universities and colleges for three times with the validity of 8 years.

The main learning contents of Civil Engineering include the basic theory and knowledge of civil engineering, engineering design and construction technology and the related management methods. The students are taught the fundamental theories of mathematics and mechanics, and the expertise of civil engineering. They are also trained to be the qualified primary engineers with innovative spirits, to engage in civil engineering design, construction and management in the specific areas of housing construction, roads construction, bridges construction and geotechnical Engineering, etc.

The main professional courses are: theoretical mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, elastic mechanics, geo-mechanics, hydrodynamics, engineering geology, civil engineering materials, computer theory and application, concrete structure and masonry structure, steel structure, bridge engineering, road Engineering, basic engineering, underground engineering, civil engineering construction, engineering economy, engineering supervision and so on.

Graduates could launch their excellent career in universities and colleges, the design and research institutes, government departments, construction enterprises and various R&D companies, by doing the jobs of design and research, construction technology and management, engineering consulting and engineering quality supervision, etc.

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University
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