Case 1. The New Technology of Soft Soil Foundation Treatment in Civil Engineering Construction

The "Static and Dynamic Drainage Consolidation Method", proposed by our soil treatment team, has been applied to Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Haikou, Xiamen and other reclamation projects. What’s more, "Xiamen International Airport Logistics Park (first phase) Reclamation Project Design" and "Xiamen Jimei Bridge Reclamation Engineering Design" have also adopted this technology.


The “Conductive Plastic Drainage Board Electro-Osmosis Reinforcement in Soft Soil Foundation”, first developed by us, has been successfully applied to Zhouzhuang silt soil foundation in Jiangsu, the rapid reinforcement of Liangzi Lake in Hubei. By experts’ assessment, the results of this technology achieve the international leading level, and are incorporated into the new national standard "Technical Specifications of Reclaimed Foundation Processing" GB / T 51064-2015.

Case 2. The Stability Control Technology of High-Steep Slope in Large Hydropower Station Construction

The slope scale on the left bank of Jinping Hydropower Station is too large, and its engineering and technical conditions are complex. It is currently the highest and largest hydropower station for excavation, and is one of the worst stable slope in China. Our Slope Engineering Team, from January 2005 to December 2015, had been closely tracking the slope excavation construction, water storage and its whole operation process. The research results were directly applied to the excavation supporting design and the construction optimization of Jinping high slope project, which provided a guarantee for the project safety and its smooth construction.


Case 3. The Design Theory of High-Rise Building Combination Structure and Green Construction Technology Service in Major Civil Engineering Projects

Our Composite Materials and Structure Research Group has long been working closely with CITIC Architectural Design and Research Institute, China Construction Group the 3rdBureau and other units, to research the mechanical performance of the concrete-filled steel tubular structures, cross-section structures, the green construction technology and other key scientific and technical issues, by reviewing the structural characteristics of high-rise buildings.

(1) Reveal the stress distribution and failure mechanism for the combination of shaped concrete-filled steel columns, giant self-stressed and self-compacting high-strength concrete columns, giant multi-cavity self-compacting steel pipe concrete columns, giant multi-cavity self-compacting concrete columns - steel beam joints, concrete-filled steel tubular column-steel beam joints, and ring-beam concrete-filled steel tubular columns under monotonic and cyclic loading; establish the theoretical model and load capacity calculation method.


(2) Propose the structure of a special multi-cavity self-compacting steel-concrete column joints and combined concrete-filled steel tubular columns and steel girder joints; develop the beam edge with axillary partition and double-sided perforated concrete-filled steel tubular joints, and stiff ring-beam concrete-filled steel beam joints.

(3) Develop C70~C100 high-performance self-compacting concrete, and achieve the green construction of concrete; develop concrete temperature control and maintenance system; develop complex concrete-filled steel pipe construction technology.

(4) Research and develop the assessment technology of internal control of concrete pipe density, the hoisting technology for high long-span steel structure and the control technique for construction layer. Propose the monitoring and suppression technology of air pollutants in green construction of super high building. Design the separation and vacuum recovery system for ultra-high building waste, effectively reduce the water consume and construction waste in high building.

Case 4. The New Technology of Water supply and Drainage in Urban and Rural Municipal Construction

School of Civil Engineering at Wuhan University has completed the fire technology research of Wuhan Yangtze River Tunnel and Xiamen Xiangan submarine tunnel. Apart from that, SCE has also finished the fire design consultations of Hongshan Square, Hankou Hong Kong Road, Hankou Railway Station, etc. The smoke separation technology of the fog section has been successfully applied to Wuhan East Lake Tunnel and Wang Jiadun underground tunnel. The rural safety drinking water engineering design for Wuhan and Xianning cities, proposed by us, could serve more than 100 million people.


SCE has been approved the science and technology supporting project during the "12thFive Year Plan" i.e., "The Key Technology Research and Demonstration in Village Planning and Environmental Infrastructure Configuration":

(1)  Pressurized pumping station in Pinggang Village, Chang Xuanling Street.

(2)  Pressurized pumping station in the Landscape Management Office of Mulan Mountain.

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