School of Civil Engineering

8 South Road of East Lake

Wuchang, 430072, Wuhan, P.R. China.

The Engineering Campus is located at the foot of Luojia Mountain covered with luxuriant green, along the boundless East Lake, as one main part of Wuhan University. Its benefits of atmosphere with the cultural, educational and intellectual settings have led a lot of people to visit here.



Up for a short road? The school shuttle bus is available from the University entrance to the Engineering Campus.


Routine: The Main Gate—No. 5 Teaching Building—Guiyuan—Ziqiang Supermarket—Mingzhuyuan Building—Hospital of Faculty of Engineering—College of Water Resources and Hydroelectric Engineering— No.1 Teaching Building—Tennis Court—No. 4 Students' Dormitory Building—Gymnasium of the Faculty.

Time: 07:30 am.--22:10 pm.

Visual Tour

Can’t arrange the trip? Please relax for the video tour: 



Getting Here

Welcome to Wuhan University!

Wuhan University is located in Wuhan city, Hubei Province which is in the central area of China. Both the Tianhe International Airport and the Railway Stations (3 stations) are served by bus or subway to Wuhan University.

By Air

Air flies to Tianhe International Airport (Wuhan city)

---- A taxi drive to the university is about CNY120 yuan

---- Airport shuttle bus: Arrival Hall→ Fujiapo Bus Station→ Transfer Bus No.413/ 519/608 or Taxi to Wuhan University.

---- Wuhan Metro Line 2 → get off at Jiedaokou stop, exit C

By Train

---- Wuhan Railway Station: Wuhan Metro Line 4 →  Transfer Line 2 from Zhongnan Road →  get off at Jiedaokou stop, exit C

---- Wuchang Railway Station: 20 minutes taxi drive or take Bus No.564 (8 stops)

---- Hankou Railway Station: 40 minutes taxi drive or take Bus No.519 (20 stops)

By Taxi

Taxi service is also very convenient in Wuhan. The fee is charged by distance. Empty Taxi has a green sign of "(Empty)" near the front baffle. Please keep the invoice printed when you get off, you can contact the taxi or the taxi's company in case of any problems.    

School of Civil Engineering, Wuhan University
8 South Road of East Lake, Wuchang, 430072, Wuhan, P.R. China.
Tel: +86-27-68772624