Department of Municipal Engineering has established clear discipline advantages in the following fields: micro-polluted drinking water treatment technology, drinking water pretreatment, conventional treatment and deep treatment technology (including membrane treatment technology), degradation of persistent organic pollutants from water, sludge treatment technology for wastewater treatment plant, energy saving and consumption reducing wastewater treatment technology, architectural water supply &Sewerage engineering and fire control, mathematical simulation theory and method of water resource and water environment, software development and application, water hammer protection technology of urban pipe network, urban runoff pollution control, management and utilization of urban storm water, sustainable management and protection of urban water resource, sustainable waste water treatment technology and urban water environment planning.

• Water treatment engineering

  Treatment technology for polluted water

  Resource and comprehensive control for municipal sewage

  Enhancing urban domestic sewage treatment

• Building Water Supply and Drainage & fire system

  Theory and the optimal design of building water supply and drainage

  Performance-based fire protection design and assessment

• Optimal design and safety of water Supply and Sewerage

  Optimal design and the numerical simulation technique of fluid transporting apparatus

  Optimal design and safe operation of fluid transferring pipe system

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