1. Faculty

Department of Engineering Management has 14 faculty members, including 2 professors (PhD supervisors), 8 associate professors, 3 lecturers, and 1 postdoctoral research associate. Our research directions center on various frontiers and disciplines which include Urbanization, Green Building Construction, Digital Construction, Real Estate Management, Project Management, and Engineering Cost Management, etc.


2. Curriculum

Department of Engineering Management mainly undertakes the teaching goal of basic and professional courses of engineering management, including Civil Engineering Construction, Engineering Economy and Enterprise Management, Engineering Project Budget, Construction Regulations, Project Management, Management of International Project Contract, Project Cost Planning and Control, International Project Contracting, International Trade Intercoms, Project Risk Management, and English Writing on International Engineering, etc. We also guide our students on their internship, graduation practice, graduation design (graduation thesis) and other practical teaching activities.


Department of Engineering Management is responsible for many social educational activities, and is the designated training institution of many registered qualification continuing education for Ministry of Housing in Hubei Province, such as Registered Architect, Registered Supervision Engineer, and Registered Engineering Cost Calculator, etc. In recent years, we have taken a large stride to carry out extensive cooperation with government-owned large-scale backbone construction enterprises and the city (state) construction administrative departments, they are China Construction Group Co., Ltd the 3rdBureau, China Construction Group Steel & Structure Co., Ltd, China Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd the 15thCompany, etc. Through these collaborations, a lot of advanced talents skilled in technique and comprehensive management systems are cultivated all the time, which could bring a huge direct and indirect economic, social and environmental benefits.


3. Teaching and Research Results

We have made significant progress in green building and construction theory, digital construction and decision-making management, sustainable cities and real estate and other fields. What’s more, we have proposed many key scientific research and development programs, including National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Science and Technology Plan of Ministry of Housing, Key Scientific and Technological Programs of the original Ministry of Power. We won 1 second prize of Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 third prizes of Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 third prize of People's Liberation Army Science and Technology Progress Award, 1 second prize of Hubei Province Outstanding Engineering Consulting Results. Besides that, two international invention patents were approved, more than thirty SCI / EI journal papers had been published, all of which accumulated to cause a certain influence on this discipline frontier in China.


The course Project Management is opened using bilingual languages (English and Chinese), which is our typical characteristics. The BIM laboratory, built pioneered by us, connects traditional engineering management and large data era tightly with the integrated use of unmanned aerial vehicles, thermal imaging and monitoring equipment, which could offer us a broader development platform to promote the digital building and green construction and sustainable urbanization research.


4. Cooperation and Exchange

We have always been focusing on academic exchanges and cooperative relations with relevant universities and research institutions in the United States, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and so on. In recent years, many teachers are encouraged to engage in advanced studies abroad or carry out cooperative researches.


5. Employment

Our students owning B.S./M.S./M.E.M./PhD degrees move on to engage in the work of design, construction and management in real estate companies, scientific research institutes, design companies, construction management companies and other corporations.

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