1. Faculty

There are 27 faculties and staff members, including 8 professors (8 doctoral supervisors), 13 associate professors, 6 lecturers, The research direction covers Soil Mechanics, Tunnel Engineering, Slope Engineering, Underground Structure, Bridge Structure, Rock Mechanics Engineering, etc.


2. Curriculum

The main curriculum offered for undergraduates are Soil Mechanics, Basic Engineering Introduction, Foundation Treatment, Pile Foundation Engineering, Engineering Geology, Road Survey and Design, Roadbed Pavement Works, Traffic Engineering, Road and Bridge Test and Detection, Road and Bridge Construction, Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Design of Underground Building Structure, Deep Foundation Pit Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Planning of Urban Underground Space, Underground Construction, Geotechnical Test and Monitoring, Geotechnical Investigation and other specialized courses. Faculties will guide students to conduct curriculum design, graduation design (graduation thesis) and other practical teaching activities.


3. Teaching and Research Results

In recent years, Department of Geotechnical Engineering had built the quality course of Soil Mechanics in Hubei Province, was granted the Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education. Relying on the State Key Laboratory of Water Resources and Hydropower Engineering Science, Key Laboratory of Hydraulic Rock Mechanics of Ministry of Education, and Key Laboratory of Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Safety in Hubei Province, we are committed to carrying out scientific researches. There are numbers of major key projects and researches conducted by us, which include National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program), National Hi-tech R&D Program of China (863 Program), 34 Vertical Programs involving in basic scientific research and 13 Horizontal Programs in the field of practical engineering applications, with the total amount of 40 million Chinese Yuan.


Apart from that, we have achieved a lot of typical results in the following areas:

Large Deformation Evolution of Deep Rock Mass Unloading and the Disaster Mechanism, Stability and Safety Control of Deep Underground Engineering Rock Mass, Instability Mechanism and Stability Analysis of High Steep Slope Rock Mass Under Complex Geological Conditions, Design and Construction Technology of Large Flow Pre-Stressed Aqueducts, Accumulation Deformation Law of Irregular Shape Granular Materials in Repeated Loading Environment, Water-Force Coupling Evolution Mechanism and Numerical Simulation of Three-dimensional Fracture Networks. Meanwhile, many high-level SCI, EI, ISTP papers are published, and a plenty of patents and software registrations are approved.


4. Students Employment

Many graduates owning B.S./M.S./PhD degrees move on to engage in the work of design, construction and management in scientific research institutes, design companies, construction management companies and other corporations.

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