The Brief Introduction of Disciplines

The School owns 3 first-level disciplines, i.e. Civil Engineering, Mechanics, Communication and Transportation Engineering. Civil engineering is the key discipline in Hubei Province with the postdoctoral research station and it has been authorized to grant doctoral degrees in the first-level discipline, which covers 4 subordinate disciplines for PhD candidates in the specialties of Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Disaster Prevention and Protection Engineering, Municipal Engineering. Mechanics, as the main discipline in Hubei Province, it has been authorized to award doctoral degrees in the first-level discipline, which involves 3 subordinate disciplines for PhD students in the major of Solid Mechanics, Engineering Mechanics, and Fluid Mechanics. Communication and Transportation Engineering has been authorized to grant master degrees in the first-level discipline. Among the disciplines, there are 9 subordinate disciplines with master's degrees, 1 Engineering Management major with the professional master's degree and 2 Engineering majors with master's degrees. There are 3 majors for undergraduates: Civil Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Engineering Mechanics. Among them, the Civil Engineering, passing the National College Professional Assessment and Accreditation for three times, is the state specialty major and also the specialties of Hubei Province. It is entitled with "Excellent Engineer Education Plan” and becomes the comprehensive reform pilot as well. The Water Supply and Drainage Engineering major has passed the assessment for two times.

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